Are Come to Agreement

As a copy editor with expertise in search engine optimization (SEO), one common issue I`ve come across is the use of the phrase “come to agreement.” The issue with this phrase is that it can be seen as redundant, as the verb “to agree” already implies coming to a mutual understanding or decision.

When it comes to SEO, this redundancy can be detrimental because it can lead to wordiness and decrease the readability of a page. This can, in turn, negatively impact the page`s search engine ranking.

To avoid this issue, it is recommended to simply use the verb “agree” instead of “come to agreement.” For example, instead of saying “The two parties came to an agreement on the terms of the contract,” it would be better to say “The two parties agreed on the terms of the contract.”

This not only improves the clarity and conciseness of the sentence, but it also allows for a better flow of the text, making it more easily readable for both humans and search engines.

In conclusion, when it comes to SEO and copy editing, it`s important to keep an eye out for any unnecessary redundancies in language. By using precise and concise language, you`ll not only make the text more engaging and readable, but you`ll also improve its search engine ranking potential. And when it comes to the phrase “come to agreement,” it`s best to simply use “agree” to avoid any red flags.